Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness Makes A Difference For This Arizona Teen


What started as a walk home from a friend’s house late one night turned into a life-changing ride in a police vehicle for the Arizona teenager in this video. Concerned for the teen’s safety due to the lateness of the hour and the desolate nature of the location in which he was walking, a Phoenix, Arizona police sergeant offered to give the young man a ride home. This paved the way for one of those truly genuine acts of kindness that can change the course of a life.

Impressed with the teen’s honesty in conversation, and upon discovering that he did not have a bicycle that he could use for travel and that he had never ridden one before, the officer decided to help this young man. In an act of concern and kindness going far beyond the call of duty, the officer purchased a new bicycle for the young man, and also provided him with lessons on how to ride it.

As you will see in the video, both the young man and his mother were overflowing with heartfelt thanks and appreciation toward the police officer for going beyond the basic responsibilities of the job, for taking the time to get to know him, and for caring enough to help make life a little easier. In the words of the grateful teenager, “these days you don’t see anything like that.”

Enjoy this heartwarming video clip that communicates the powerful effect of genuine kindness, and that serves as an example and reminder of the positive impact we all can have in the lives of others as we engage in the routine activities of our everyday lives.

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