A wolf is a wild animal whose food is mainly meat. This is a funny video clip where a wolf eats a pumpkin. I am total surprise how it made it.The teeth of a wolf are designed to eat meat and not a pumpkin. It started by eating the stalk and then biting bit per pit until it reached the Centre. The outer part of the pumpkin is tough but it managed. While the wolf is eating, the dog passed by and was surprised on what the wolf was eating. What was more amazing on this clip is where it ran with the pumpkin on its mouth to its hide out. It is an amazing video clip with several lessons. In real life, people encounter challenges .One need to try all the options that can lead to success that is on a lowest percent. The wolf was hungry; it did not find meat on that day. Instead of waiting for the meat, it eats the pumpkin to feel its stomach.

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