Rescue pit bulls care for a set of blind kittens in this great video


Many videos exist on the Internet about dogs and other animals that have taken it as their main priority to look after other animals. This takes place in this video and offers a charming situation between a pitbull and some blind kittens.

In this video we get to hear the sad story about some blind kittens who eventually met a happy turn of events when they were saved by individuals who kept Pitbull dogs at home. The Pitbull dogs then took the blind kittens under their wing and acted as a surrogate mother for the kittens. This is a heartwarming story that will appeal to anyone who has pet kittens or who have pet pitbull dogs at home and will touch the hearts of those that watch it. If you want to share this video with other individuals place a link to it on Facebook and Twitter and you will get lots of interest.

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