Resuced Pregnant dog gives birth to five puppies


This video brought to us by vet ranch, tells the story of Holly, a pregnant dog who was scheduled to be euthanized because there wasn’t enough room in the shelter. Dr. Karri rescued Holly and she went on to have five puppies. The puppies are so cute and Holly is a great mum. She is a bit scarred of people as she has been living as a stray but in time she comes round and will make a lovely pet.

The puppies have been filmed every few days and we can see them growing up. They are all very active, happy and healthy.The vet has given them all names and is looking for homes for them. At the end of this video there’s a cute clip where the puppies are all running around wearing little coats. There’s also a selection of letters from children saying how much they love vet ranch and thanking the vets for saving all the animals.

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