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As America we are often grateful to the men and women who are members of the military.
We honor them each Veteran’s Day with acts of kindness. There is the mother that sang to their husbands on America’s Got Talent. We need to support our veterans as they return to regular life.
Uber and Lyft were offering their services to these serviceman and women.
Both of these companies donated thousands of dollars of free rides so veterans can go on job interviews, get to work, and other needs. This is known as Joining Forces which will help end homelessness for the veterans.
Are you part of the military family? Let us know below.
Based on information from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development there are an estimated 49,933 veterans that are homeless at any given time. This is due to the shortage of affordable housing, access to healthcare, and some of the effects of PTSD.
The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans stated that two-thirds of veterans do not have access to reliable transportation, which is already difficult and will keep them in the cycle of privacy.
Uber and Lyft are trying to make some changes. They have already given thousands of free rides and are working wit the Labor Department’s Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program for changes.
According to Air Force Col. Nicole Malachowski she stated how much of a help this is. If veterans are working a night shift or working in a remote area it can be difficult to get affordable transportation.
Both of these ride services offer transportation on demand across the country. On Veteran’s Day they have urged customers to donate $5 for rides for veterans.
Charities and non profits are also helping out. Hope for Warriors are trying to make life better for post 9/11 service members that were injured during combat.
Everyday people are also giving their support to the veterans. The stats are frightening but helping to point people in the right direction.
What are you doing to support our veterans? Please share below.
Please share this information to show the importance of caring for our military veterans and their family.


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