Safe and Sound Thanks to a Neighbor


It is always a good idea to be kind to the neighbors. They may end up saving your life. That is exactly what happened with Mary. She was out of her home doing some errands and she came home and her house was on fire. Her neighbor was able to save a woman from this house fire.
The worst part was that her daughter Kelly was stayed home. She was in an upstairs bedroom taking a nap. She was afraid for her daughter. He neighbor Julieann ran to the door and alerted Kelly about the fire and yelled to her to wake up and get out of the home.
Her bedroom was burnt up and it is a good thing the neighbor woke her up when she did. The family will make this house a home again but they are grateful that everyone is alive. Kelly is thankful to her neighbor that she would not leave until she woke up and go out. Julieann is more than a good neighbor . To Kelly and her parents she is a hero.

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