See a positive prank take place for a lucky women


In this video we get to see a wonderful experience that takes place in a restaurant for a waitress who has worked hard her whole life and has not had the chances that she deserved. At the beginning of the video we get to see how she had to raise her own child and in order to do so, had to take a job waitressing. However, she also runs a yoga class in her spare time and this is profit free.

Her boss and those around her who worked with her decided that it would be good to play a positive prank on her where she received tips of large sums of money, as well as holidays and a brand-new car that would replace her beaten up old car. This is a fun video to watch and we get to see as the waitress is overwhelmed. Click the following link to watch the video and if you enjoy what you see, share with friends and other individuals who may also enjoy the video.

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