See the wonderful reaction of a dog rescued by strangers


We all love seeing moving moments, in which people prove what it really means to be human. When this American family found a dog living alone in an empty lot, they didn’t hesitate, and immediately built a shelter to give the dog at least a temporary home – and they didn’t stop there. As soon as they knew the dog felt secure, they called “Hope for Paws,” to help them with the dog. A moving story of a beautiful Pitbull, which, luckily for the dog, ends all well.
When the rescuers arrive, they immediately begin to build trust between them and the dog. It’s not easy to convince a big lonely dog to follow you. Despite that, one can see how they secure fence around the lot so that the dog doesn’t run away if scared. Although in the beginning, the dog is afraid and tries to hide in her little shelter, it doesn’t take long to establish a connection with the people that are trying to help her. We can see a woman, encouraging the dog to drink a little bit of water and eat some food – the process of calming down the dog takes some time, but it still goes pretty well, compared to many similar situations.
The actions of these random family remind all of us that we should be helping others. When the dog is ready, she gets taken to the foster home, where she’s getting better and waiting for a new family. Last scenes of the video are really touching as one can see the transformation of the dog which is now happy and enjoys the company of people.

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