Camouflaging can be a good way to use the surroundings to hide. Using the skin to change color and texture can be so extraordinary, almost impossible.
A very unique octopus has been spotted where as it lands, it changes according to the surroundings. It is an amazing animal that changes the color and its texture as it blends in into the surrounding in such a way that it cannot be easily noticed. It therefore ends up matching the pattern, color, brightness and texture of an algae in such a fascinating way.
The action of the octopus is so amazing that it almost seems impossible. David Gallo talks about this astonishing event in one of his talks that leaves everyone in wonder. Truly, there exists some very unique animals and creatures with amazing properties, but these shapeshifting octopus is just on another level of wonder. It is definitely one of a kind and a true wonder of the sea.

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