She Watched A Pregnant Horse Give Birth. What Happened After? What A Shocking Truth!


Life is always celebrated. New life is not only a passage but also tops the list of celebrated events. Now imagine that instead of one new life, you get two. This calls for double celebration. That is what happened when two foals were born.
Twin births are not a common site. It is amazing how two of one breed can bring so much excitement. Very few births of twin foals happen successfully. Specialized care is therefore necessary to increases the chances of safe delivery.
The twins here received care from University of Minnesota vet center. The result was the sustenance of two foals. Most horses abort during the first six weeks if not attended to properly. Those who make it to month number eight experience complications. This at times includes trauma, inflammation, ailments and even lessened fertility.
You therefore want to give twin foals specialized attention before and after birth. The University of Minnesota offers such services. A specialist gets assigned to these foals for distinctive attention.

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