She Wonders Onto Their Porch. What Is Inside Her Month? Amazing!


The story of an abused pit bull named Mama Jade went viral as her story emerged in 2013. Mama Jade had managed to make it to the porch of her rescuer, Christianna Willis on that fateful day in Nashville, TN. When Willis discovered the dog, it became increasingly evident that the dog had been neglected, abused and tortured.
Mama Jade had sustained injuries that were indicative of an animal used for breeding and dog fighting. Her teeth had been pulled and some filed down in order to prevent her from fighting back with other dogs that were unleashed upon her. She had large, bloody gashes on her body and especially on her neck, where she had been repeatedly restrained and tied up without assistance of any kind.

In spite of all of the abuse that Mama Jade sustained, she still looked to others for care and trusted her rescuer, who happened to work for a veterinary office. When she was taken to the vet, her injuries were only exacerbated by the fact that she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. This was heartbreaking news to all the staff who had fallen in love with this dog and were sympathetic due to her story due to extreme cruelty and neglect.

Willis became aware that Mama Jade would not make it due to her multitudinous injuries and the looming cost of cancer treatments that awaited her. This was a saddening shock to all who had grown to love and care for the dog. However, before Willis had her humanely put to sleep, she became passionate that she had to be Mama Jude’s last voice and let Mama Jade’s story be heard.

Willis decided to turn to Craigslist in order to let the public become aware of the story and the horrors of dog fighting. Willis also wanted to shed light on the undeserving stigma of pit bulls that was ultimately unfair, and costing the lives of innocent dogs bound to this unfortunate type of fate. She considered it her last duty to Mama Jade to let her story speak for those who could not speak for themselves.

When Willis posted her Craigslist ad that spoke to the horrors that were found in the life of this dog, she publicly shamed the owners for the cruel and inhumane treatment of this dog and likened them to monsters that even their own mothers would be ashamed of claiming. She talked explicitly and honestly about the horrific state of Mama Jade’s injuries and how her life had been reduced to nothing but suffering and pain.


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