Smart Dog Gets Tricky to Get What He Wants Over and Over Again


Who said that dogs are not tricky? There are situations where they certainly can get a bit tricky. Don’t believe it? This video, which has been watched by more than one million people in just a couple of weeks, shows proof of this statement!
In this video, you’ll watch how a man is giving five dogs a treat. Four of them are on a bed, while the other one is right next to him, sitting on the floor. The four dogs on the bed are in aline. You’ll notice that the one at the end receives his treat, but he doesn’t seem to be that content.
The reason why he is not content is because he wants an extra treat; therefore, he decides to switch places inthe line in orderto get extra. It appears that the owner doesn’t really care and thus decides to give the dog what he wants, even though he goes back and forth in the line, trying to trick him.
This is definitely one of the cutest videos on YouTube at the moment. Go ahead and watch it. Don’t forget to rate it, and share it with your friends on Facebook.

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