Sometimes it might be best to run away


Dogs can be funny when it comes to babies, sometimes they will often cuddle with them, and most of the time they can be very protective. This short little video clip however shows that sometimes it is best to just run away and not be around when the problems happen.

The video shows a little baby boy sitting on a chair leaning against a dog. The dog is resting, taking a break from what dogs do and the mother is filming the entire thing. The baby looks like it is about to do some business in that diaper but appears to be struggling a little bit. The mother takes turn between encouraging the baby to just let it out and push it out, and petting the dog speaking baby talk to him as well. Well the baby after a few seconds of struggling does indeed let out a nice toot and starts to poop, which in turn freaks the dog out. He gets up and runs away (Can’t say I blame him as I wouldn’t want to change that diaper either) and heads off camera. The baby however was leaning on the dog and falls over with a stunned look on his face. He is fine as he is still on the chair, but mommy now has a job to do.

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