Stranger Danger Not Just For Children


It is every parent’s nightmare. Their teen daughter is lured in by a sexual predator. If your daughter was approached in public, would anyone step in or intervene? Dateline’s “What Would You Do” aims to answer that question. A young actress sits in a busy coffee shop. Her guitar sits next to her as she is approached by an older man who she clearly does not know. As she sits there looking uncomfortable, the man introduces himself and attempts to persuade the teenage girl into coming with him in his car, saying he has a music opportunity.
The camera pans and settles on different customers in the café and nearly everyone takes note of what is occurring at the table, with nearly unanimous expressions of concern and disbelief. Surprisingly enough, nearly half of the stranger step in and attempt to intervene to varying degrees. Some customers leave it at saying a few words of caution to the teen girl; others attempt to non-physically stop the girl from leaving and politely confront the man.
While these are thankfully only actors, parents of teen girls need to take note of this cautionary tale and talk to their daughters about the danger.

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