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You might love your pets, but not everyone will feel the same way about them as you do. Some people just don’t like animals and you never know who they are until you catch them doing something that will surprise you. Warning, if you are a dog lover this video will make you cringe.

The lady, who is not shown in the video, owns a couple of French bulldogs. She loves them dearly but they suddenly started acting strangely when she got a new boyfriend. So she decided to set up some hidden cameras and see what was happening when she wasn’t home. What she caught on camera was uploaded to the internet as well as sent to TV stations so she could get some help.

Her beloved boyfriend was not treating her dogs very well. In fact, he was being cruel and abusive to them in ways that would shock anyone. He picks them up and throws them around. He slams them on the ground, he picks they up by the neck, and at one point he even head-butts one of them. This man has since vanished but is due in court to pay for his crimes. People are also starting a movement, asking for his arrest in these heinous crimes.

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