Thanks to His Dog’s Alertness, Courageous Father Goes the Extra Mile to Save His Family from Harm


The Lewis family was finally living their dream of living in a home without having to worry about paying rent anymore, but their happiness was soon set on pause one night, as unfortunately, things turned sour.
Walter Lewis told WANE’s Sara Wagner that a lot of people tried to discourage them from buying that house. After moving in, neighbors had informed him that it would be best if they would just sell it, as it had a bad reputation, but he and his family decided to stay anyway.
In the middle of one night, Mr. Lewis got thirsty and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. In the process of doing so, he noticed that his dog, Rock, was behaving in a very odd way. Mr. Lewis was led to the horrifying truth when he decided to investigate what was going on.
In the process of going to get a glass of water, Walter Lewis noticed that his 5-month-old American bulldog, Rock, was behaving oddly. According to Mr. Lewis, he heard a loud noise, a noise that made him want to go down stairs to see what was going on, but the dog was running up the stairs while he was going down. It was like a sign that was informing Mr. Lewis that he should go back up.
Walter Lewis decided to discoverwhat was going on. Even though he didn’t see any smoke coming from downstairs, when he went further down,he sawfire. He instantly started to yell, trying to wake up his wife and kids.
Mr. Lewis has the habit of keeping his stuff in his pocket with him at all times, like his knife and phone. These tools helped him kick the screen out to get out of the house. Even though he is frightened of heights, at the moment, he put his fear aside. He decided to put his family in first place, as he couldn’t just let them burn. He jumped off the roof.
He got a hold of a ladder and placed it in place in order to go back inside and help his family get out of there. Mr. Lewis went the extra mile to try to get his dog out of there as well, but the dog was nowhere to be found. It is like he disappeared in the black smoke.
(image)5According to Walter Lewis, his dog was his therapy, as he kept him on his toes and always wanted to engage in activities with him. Rock was part of his family.
Rock was a hero just like Water Lewis. Even though he is no longer present, his legacy will live on through the Lewis’ family.
Below, you can capture more of Mr. Lewis’ incredible story.

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