The Bond Shared Between These Men And Wolves Is Unlike Anything You Could Imagine


We’ve seen in past people who would live among animals for periods of time to study them. In this video, we see several people living with animals, but for a slightly different cause. According to one man who was interviewed, the wolves at this particular wolf/wolfdog rescue can sense the past trauma experienced by the rescue’s volunteers, trauma which many of these wolves have themselves been through. The people and wolves grow to form bonds and help heal each others wounds. One man says it saved his life. The bonding here is unlike anything you could imagine. While dogs tend to be loving toward most people, wolves tend to form an even stronger bond, though only with one or two people. The friendship here is stronger than any dog or even human friendship. We often think of wolves as bloodthirsty beasts, but the wolves in this video don’t match that description one bit.

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