The dog that doesn’t want to get out of bed


There are some days as a kid that you just don’t want to get out of bed. You’d rather sleep in and enjoy what little of the day is left after you have managed to get as much rest as possible. Or perhaps you just don’t want to face what happens to be out in the world today (can’t say I blame them). Sometimes it’s just great to snuggle with your favorite pet in bed, so long as they enjoy being there with you as well.

This boy happens to have a husky that seems to have the same idea that he has. He wants to stay in bed too, and he wants his human to stay in bed with him. So when mom comes into the room to take the blanket off the boy, the dog snaps at her and won’t let her. Every time she manages to get a hold of the blanket, he grabs it back and puts it right back on the boy. The dog even manages to snuggle on the boy a few times for good measure to show the mother that he means business and that they are not going to get out of bed today.

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