The Monkees Cover Riu Chiu in Their Most Surprising Performance Yet


If you hadn’t heard up to this point, The Monkees were a rock group formed back in the mid sixties. Much like a few particular artists appearing in this day and age, The Monkees was originally a TV show, featuring the band going by the same name who were, at that time, completely fictional. Eventually, The Monkees parted ways with their TV set and later became a real band, achieving quick success (more so than both the Rolling Stones and the Beatles combined for a while).

Known for their early American rock style of music, they surprised audiences everywhere part way through their career when they covered the Spanish classic, Riu Chiu. While they weren’t originally known specifically for their vocal abilities, they were certainly able to show them off in this video. Whether or not Spanish Christmas carols are your thing, it’s hard not to appreciate what these young artists were able to do with their voices.

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