The Story Of An Amazing Vet Who Is Making Friends Everywhere


Humans and animals have strong, special and often indescribable bonds that are just amazing to behold. Thankfully, there are thousands of great vets around to ensure our animal friends stay healthy. Take this doctor, who uses his skills to help animals who have been paralysed.
Dr. Evan Antin specializes in protecting the most endangered and exotic animals from all around the world, and he’s been making a name for himself on the internet of late. Read below to find out why.


Evan Antin is a California-based veterinary doctor who has recently been named as the “Sexiest Beast Charmer” by People magazine.


The 31-year-old is extremely handsome and has spent years jetting around the world to treat animals. He received a doctorate from Colorado University in veterinary sciences, and has since located to Thousand Oaks, CA.


He is amazed by his new found fame and labelled it “pretty funny” in an interview with WABC.


However, the increased attention has seen him receive teasing from colleagues, along with a rise in the number of patients he typically receives.


For Evan, saving and healing animals means everything. He is a massive fan of snakes and told BuzzFeed that they “fascinate” him, because they are like “living dinosaurs.


He says that the bond between humans and animals is one of the “most special things on the planet”.


Since his youth, he has searched out for new species. And, going by his page on the hospital’s site, he spent much of his early years in search of snakes, turtles and other animals.


Evan fills his spare time by lifting weights, and he also enjoys snowboarding and hiking. The handsome vet also not averse to doing some modelling.

Currently, lives with a variety of animals (ranging from dogs to lizards), along with a girlfriend he is engaged to.


However, his biggest love is animals, and he has worked with them around the globe, including in Central America, Africa, Asia and South America. He is considered an expert in his area due to a vast knowledge of fauna and ecosystems.


He cares from smaller animals to larger animals on a day-to-day basis. We think it’s great that Evan has found happiness in his life and that he enjoys everything that he does.


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