These Monkeys Are Doing Some Very Naughty Things!


We have all seen playful monkeys at the zoo. They run around and do some pretty wild things. Some monkeys do things that are not so nice. But what if those little guys were allowed to run loose? This is just what happened in this next video. Are these monkeys stealing from tourists? This is a question you will be asking yourself when you watch this very funny video clip!

During this video, you will find many monkeys roaming around in the trees and on the ground. Each time a tourist walks by the monkeys spring into action and snatch things away from them. Shoes, hats and sunglasses are just a few of the things these primates are stealing from the people, who are walking around the area. This is super funny to watch! Please share this amazing video with all of your friends and family on Facebook! They will be cracking up when they see these monkeys in action.

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