They See Something In The Pool. What The One On The Right Does? Amazing!


In an entertaining display of unbalanced teamwork, two bulldogs manage to retrieve a tire from small pool. These playful pups get pretty serious when it comes to their favorite plaything, which they obviously never tire of.
While one dog fearlessly jumps into the couple foot deep water and does a thorough assessment of their seemingly hopeless situation, the other pup whimpers and whines what vaguely resembles encouragement. One is quite obviously more adept at water activities than the other, taking less than a minute to jump in after his coveted toy.
The two diligent doggies finally manage to grab hold of the tire and, using the fearsome strength of those bulldog jaws, drag it from the pool. The actual tire rescue is far less entertaining as two minute that lead up to it. These pups are the canine equivalent of a classic comedy team like Laurel and Hardy. One puts forth the energy and effort while the other “supervises” things.

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