This Ailing Mother Was Being Abused So Her Son Did Something Drastic


When this man’s ailing mother was injured he was very worried about what happened to her. She was living in a nursing home when the incident happened and her son suspected something was not right. So the man did something that many probably would never have thought of doing. He placed a camera in her private room to capture everything that was going to happen in the future.
To his surprise, the camera did, in fact, capture something and what the man saw on the film was really shocking! He was worried that some of the other residents might have been abusing his mother but what he found was even worse. The staff themselves were abusing his mother and now he had the video to prove it. Many terrible things went on in the video but thankfully now the ailing woman is free from abuse. Please share this video with all your friends on Facebook to bring awareness about this very important subject.

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