This Amazing Encounter With a Whale and Her Calf Will Make You Smile


In the Laguna San Ignacio on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, there is a huge group of gray whales that are enjoying life as they should. When this group of fishermen comes across a baby calf, they are absolutely astonished! The next thing that happens in the video blew their minds and it will yours too! When a Big fish lifts her baby calf to get a better view of the fishermen, it is an unforgettable experience!

This Big fish quickly realizes she and her calf are not in any danger from the people on the boat. The Mom is so confident, she lifts her calf towards the surface and allows those in the boat to touch her and gently stroke her nose. This sweet moment is captured on film so the whole world can enjoy it. The beauty of nature is something that should be forever honored. Make sure you check out this video and share it with everyone you know so they can experience it too.

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