This Baby Elephant Loves Too Cuddle With Allie and She Loves It!


During this super fun video, you will see something amazing. In this baby elephant cuddles with Allie video, a very cute animal really does love his handler. While this baby is small he is really large in size. Allie the girl in the video seems to really enjoy the love the elephant is giving her, but his weight is almost too much for her to handle. You can just imagine what it would feel like to have a very big baby elephant sitting on you.

This clip is short, but it shows just how loving elephants can be. These are really smart animals and they all seem to have their own personalities to match. It is clear that this baby is really having a good time and so is Allie, who can not stop laughing out loud. Please share this amazing video with all of your friends and family. They will thank you if you do! Anyone who loves animals will really find this video very special.

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