This Blind Dog Finally Finds A Home After Years of Torture


This blind dog who was chained out in a yard for many years has finally found a real home. The dog who is from the state of New Mexico was an older dog when he was rescued. Being blind and older made it really hard for him to find a home. But recently, someone has come forward and adopted the very smart animal. After spending months at the rescue shelter, this sweet doggy was going to get the home he always deserved!

A woman and her boyfriend were watching a video that the rescue group put online that starred the blind pooch. The rescue group hoped that the video would help the canine get adopted out and it worked! After the couple watched the video, they called the rescue group and went to take a look at the dog in person. Once they seen the dog in person, they could not help but bring him home with them. Please share this beautiful video with your family and friends!

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