This Cute Baby Deer Took These Hikers For His Mom. When You Watch It? Your Heart Will Melt!


What a Deer!

While you may have heard of stray puppies following you home, chances are you’ve never heard of a stray baby deer following anyone home. However, the little guy in this video is definitely looking for a new mom. An obvious Grandpa has a heart of gold and begins petting and giving the baby deer water. After that- he’s hooked! The little deer is hanging on every step the grandpa takes, and at one point, it looks like the deer is about to jump into his arms.

This little guy has certainly made a brand new friend – and one who will feed him! Talk about your feel-good video, there is no question this baby deer needs a home. It will definitely make you smile and want to find an orphaned baby deer of your own to take home and love. Be sure to watch and get your smile for the day!

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