This Dog Was About To Die In A Dogfighting Ring. Until This Happened To Him!


This video will really put a smile on your face, when you see the beautiful Pit Bull named Gremlin. This canine is a wonderful animal, that gives his new owner tons of love. But Gremlin did not start of having a happy life. Gremlin started his young life as a fighting dog and seen his fare share of animal abuse. But thanks to some very nice people, Gremlin will never have to worry about fighting ever again.

In the video you will get to see where Gremlin was found. An animal rescue group was called to the scene of a suspected dog fighting ring and 50 dogs were taken away. Gremlin was one of those dogs and he is very lucky to be alive. Now he has been adopted out and is recovering from the mental scars, that came from being mistreated. But Gremlin is doing great and has adjusted to his new life very well. He even has a friend who lives down the street and he loves playing with her.

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