This Horse Rider Puts On An Amazing Frozen Themed Show


When it comes to horse riding you probably have never seen a riding routine like this one before. Inspired by the Disney hit movie Frozen, this female rider really wows the crowd with her amazing horse show. As the rider and the horse takes the center stage, you can tell that both of them are very confident! The pair are beautifully dressed and they are ready for the show.

The female rider is draped with a beautiful cloak. But when she starts to ride she whips it off revealing a very amazing looking Frozen inspired dress! She parades around the ring showing off her beauty and her talent. At the end of the routine, the rider throws some glitter in the air and the crowd seems to love it. It also seems that the judges love her as well and they all give her good marks. Make sure to share this super amazing video with all of your friends and family members.

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