This Might Look Like A Normal Patio. When You See Close? Love It!


There are two types of people in the world: cat people and dog people. Some may love both animals while others may not like either creature. Many people do have a favorite between these species.
If you consider yourself to love cats then you need to see something that cat lovers are getting for their home.
Some people may turn their backyards into a garden or a retreat others are making catios which is designed with their fury friend in mind.
Cats love to play and explore but going outside can be dangerous. Cars, other animals, and poisonous items can put the cat in danger outdoors.
A catios can help keep the cat safe and still allow them to play in the backyard.
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The catios is taking cat lovers by storm and this creation is going viral. 1
The catios is part patio, part enclosure for a cat. Cats and owners both love this.
The cat gets to roam outside and climb, scratch, and lay out in the sun which is risky if they are out in the open.
The catio is great for the cat to be outside and be free while keeping this loved pet safe.
The catio has everything that a cat can need or want.
The catio has a sunroof that offers UV protection, mesh walls to allow the breeze in, all natural perches made from cedar, a catwalk, and access points where the cat can get back into the home.
The catios are custom build and can be made into any size or shape. Some owners build them on ground level while others build them to stand alone.
The catwalks can run along the fence so the cat can be free to roam all day.
A catio will allow the cat to have a feeling of freedom while still offering all the comforts of domestic life they have come to know.
A catio is not just for a cat. The owner can enjoy access to this outdoor sanctuary as well.
The catio will keep the cat safe from traffic, other animals, and strange people. It will protect them while they are outdoors.
There are many benefits to this enclosure. A owner will have fewer and lower vet bills, the cat will be protected from birds, and they will no longer have to deal with the smell of a litter box. 12
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