This Miracle Survived The Worst Odds.


In this video you will find a “Miracle” baby born. It all started when a young mother to be was walking across the street and the unthinkable happened. As you will find out, a large truck ran over her. Being pregnant, this young mother did her best to shield her stomach, which allowed her baby to not be harmed. The mother was taken into the trauma center in bad shape but thankfully they were able to save her life.

After being in the hospital the young mother gave birth to a healthy 6 pound baby girl! The father was able to even take the baby home with him. Now the mother is still trying to recover and hopefully she will be home soon as well. She has a long road to recovery but with the right determination and faith she will pull threw. Please share this video with everyone that you know on Facebook, so that they too can witness this miracle baby!

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