This Plumber Felt Something Against Him Underwater. What Was It? Horrifying!


Angelo is an average working man, he is a plumber aged 32 years from Colorado. He was recently spending the weekend with his family at Windsor Lake. However what started as a peaceful vacation hastily turned to be shocking.

As he was wading through waist-deep water, he felt a strange thing brushing against his legs. Angelo kicked his leg back to get the odd thing up, this is when he saw a baby’s feet float to the surface.

It was Sitali a 3 year old baby, whose body was lifeless and cold. He instantly pulled her out of the water and called for help, asking for the owner of the baby. She remained unconscious and her skin was blue. Angelo and two nurses worked tirelessly to administer CPR.

He visited Sitali at Children’s Hospital in Aurora last week. It was a tearful reunion, her family was grateful for Angelo who saved her. He said that he came to let her know that he loves her and Sitali is part of his family. While the world hailed him a hero, the humble man attributes what he did as being in the right place at the right time.

Sitali is expected to have a full recovery. Sitali was not wearing a life vest when she started to drown. He has plans to buy flotation devices and life vests for families that can’t afford them.

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He was an average 32-year-old plumber from Colorado, a few weeks a go. This man is a hero, today.1Angelo and his family recently went to Windsor Lake for a weekend. However what started as a quiet vacation turned to be shocking. While walking through waist-deep water, he felt a strange thing brushing against his leg. He kicked his leg to bring up the strange to the surface. He saw a baby’s foot.


It was Sitali a 3-year-old girl, when her family lost sight of sitali, she started to drown. He saw the body was lifeless, cold, and blue. Angelo pulled her out of the water. Angelo started administering with the aid of two nurses, and started shouting to get her family.

The rescue team arrived in time at the scene and took her to the hospital. Last week, he reunited with the girl she rescued. Her family was in tears as Sitali and Angelo hugged. Angelo said that he came to let Sitali know that he loves her and she is part of her family.

She is expected to recover fully, all thanks to this ordinary plumber. He told the girl’s mother, that when saw the toes Sitali became his baby.


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