This Poodle Was In Bad Need of Some Serious Help!


When this California rescue group got a call about a stray poodle they quickly sprang into action. When they got to the location the dog bolts underneath a house. This was very frustrating to the group but they were determined to save the poor animal. One of the members of the group went under this very old house to retrieve the dog. With her, she took a snare stick in order to safely remove the canine without incident and with the help of another team member they got the job done.
The woman was able to successfully free the dog from under the house and the group took the poodle to a place to get washed up and checked out by a vet. Now the pooch is doing much better and it looks amazing after some food and a haircut. If you are a dog lover, then you will surely want to share this video with all of your friends and family members on Facebook.

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