This Wedding Dress Was Unlike Any Other Dress In The World!


This video tells a beautiful story of a couple who got married just after the second world war. Things after the war had become really expensive and some items had to be rationed, so that supplies would not run out. Edwin Morgan and his bride to be Betty were about to get married, but she had no dress to wear. But her future mother-in-law had a wonderful idea. Edwin had a German parachute that he found on the battle field. Betty’s soon to be mother-in-law told her that she should have the parachute sew into a wedding dress and the two women took it to a local tailor.

After the dress was made, everyone was amazed at just how beautiful it was. The dress was long and flowing and everyone was in love with it! After the wedding the couple has spent many happy years together and it all started with that parachute wedding dress.

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