UNBELIEVABLE: A Tree Into A Library?


Having been attracted by a big tree, Sandra decided to buy a house that was nearby the 110 year old cedar tree. However, the tree began to drop off its leaves showing signs of dying. It was deteriorating to the point of becoming dangerous.
She was interested in a little library for years and thought the dying tree was the perfect place to make this reality.
Consequently, Sandra decided to hire a wood carver who used a chain saw to cut it into a small library. The wood carver Larry Carter accepted the challenge and offered his services in exchange of all the wood that would come from the tall tree.
He cut a few sections of the stamp. Sandra named it after her neighbor Rocky. The tree has now become a community library with shelves on which books are placed.
Surprisingly, Sandra was not even the first person to place a book inside the tree library located on Wetmore Avenue in Everet.
She eventually confesses that she misses the tree but she is commemorating it with a whole new chapter.

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