Very Moving Reunion of Twins After 70 Years of Separation


The video you are about to witness is a story about twin brothers that were separated for 70 years. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski are fraternal twins. They were born in Germany to a Polish mother that was sent to Germany and forced to work during the war. Their mom became very sick after giving birth to them which lead to the separation of the twins. According to a document which is shown at the video, George and Lucian were sent back to Poland by mistake without the knowledge of their mother.

George and Lucian were adopted by two different Polish families. They grew up not knowing that were adopted. Lucian found out the truth from his adopted mom, while George found it out by himself at the age of 16. George asked the Red Cross to help find his twin brother back in the ’60s but unfortunately, they failed to find him. Lucian has lived all his life in Poland while George migrated to the United States. Both twins got married and started a new life. Just last year, Lucian was given information about their mom and learned that he has a twin. From then, he never stopped hoping to meet his twin brother one day. The twins reunited for the first time and you can see the happiness and excitement in their faces. Although they have never been around each other before, George and Lucian got along really well.

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