She Waited 5 Months For Her BFF. The Reason Why? I Can’t Stop Crying


Several months ago, a man named Wayne from Lone Oak, Texas, was killed by a drunk driver. He left behind his son Paul, who now runs his lawnmower repair shop, and his dog, Spot. Every day, Spot would wait by the side of the road for her master to come home from work, and though he’s passed away, she still waits every day.

Paul goes to check on her twice a day, but he knows it’s not the same. Friends and family pass the dog all the time, still waiting patiently for her beloved owner to come home.

Dogs are so loyal, and it’s not unusual for a dog to wait for its master even after they pass away. However, few animals keep waiting for so long, and so loyally. It’s truly a rare thing to be loved so deeply, and it’s important to treasure those deep relationships. Go hug your dog! They really, really love you.

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