Waitress in Need Receives a $5,000 Tip from Stranger Who Knew the 411 on His Troubles


Contrary to popular belief, there are still generous people living in this world, and the content of this video, which has been watched by almost 700,000 individuals around the globe, is living proof of this.
In D’Amlco’s Italian Market Café, a waitress, who has been working there for the last 16 years, had been having a difficult time in his life. He had just lost his car. It seems like some good person heard about this and decided to stop by this café one day.
After eating, the person gave the waiter an envelope and then left. When the waiter opened the envelope, he realized that there was a lot of money in it. There was $5,000 USD! He wasn’t sure if to take it or not, but after having a conversation with one of the individuals who is in charge of the café, he took it.
This is a video that will have your faith in humanity restored. Check it out, and don’t forget to rate it andshare it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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