Watch a fun video involving a porcupine named “Stinkers”


In this video we get to see a wonderfully cute creature playing with a woman who is explaining about the animal. It is known as a porcupine and has the name ‘Stinkers’. The video was filmed in Alaska and these types of animals are particularly popular. They are extremely fluffy as the weather can become extremely cold at certain times of the year and this allows the porcupine to live a comfortable life.

Many people imagine porcupines to be small cute animals but in this video we get to see one that is much larger. However, it is still a cute animal and you can see this when you watch the video. Click the following link if you would like to watch the video and if you have enjoyed it then why not share it on other popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook so that your friends and family can enjoy this wonderful creature.

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