Watch the an amazing moment involving a pregnant stingray


In this video we get to see a young boy who is out catching stingrays. Whilst he is out he manages to catch a stingray that appears to be pregnant. On closer inspection we see that the stingray is indeed pregnant and the boy then begins to remove the baby stingrays from the stingrays body itself.

This is an incredible video to watch and shows how a stingray gives birth to baby stingrays. Those who are screamish may not enjoy this video but it is incredibly interesting to watch if you have an interest in more exotic forms of nature. If you would like to watch this video click on the following link and you will get to experience an interesting moment in the world of the weirder sides of nature. If you enjoy this video and want to share it then why not put it on to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter so that other individuals can watch and experience this interesting moment.

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