Watch This Touching Story Of Martha Mason Who Has Been Living In An Iron ung for 6 Decades


This is a very touching and sad, yet very encouraging story told by Marta Mason. Martha is a 70 year old lady living in a small village in North Carolina Lattimore and she has been living in an iron lung for 60 years now. At the time she was making this video, Martha was just a day to celebrating her 70th birthday and she doesn’t seem to be taking her situation very badly. According to Martha, she believes that one of such machines was last manufactured back in 1977. Although she admits that there are other methods of ventilation other than the iron lung, she still uses this one that she has been using ever since she was a little girl.
In the video, you can see her getting visitors coming to wish her a happy birthday while she lays there in the machine with just her head out. She is in this state due to an epidemic that occurred in her childhood and many children died including her brother. Despite doctors saying she could only live for another year maximum, she has survived all the odds to give you this touching story.

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