Watch This Video Where Paul Harvey Predicted America’s Future 50 Years Ago


The famous radio legend, Paul Harvey was well-known for his great patriotism as well as his conservative politics. He had given his first speech more than 70 years ago when he first took the microphone.
However, Paul Harvey’s most famous and immensely popular broadcast was probably the epic “If I were the devil” speech, that he first gave in the year, 1965. Now, on its 50th grand anniversary, the speech seems oddly yet really prescient of what America has actually become in these intervening years.
The speech mainly discussed the various aspects focusing the decline of America through permissiveness & liberalism, which sent tremendous shockwaves through the entire nation when it was first delivered. The speech seemed to be a cautious warning to America where the devil was keen to keep destroying the entire United States.
But the most interesting fact is, what Paul Harvey saw about America’s future back in earlier 1965 has become eerily accurate. His unbelievable wisdom of truly predicting the future of America is absolutely fascinating. If you don’t believe, just check out this video where his speech has been recorded.

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