Welcome Freedom Dance


The surprising fact is that a lot of animals like the one in this video are kept chained in a tiny stable that does not allow them to move around. Often, it is so tiny that they are not even able to turn their head more than a few inches. The animals remain in this inhumane condition for their entire life. This is so sad and distressing to the millions of people that are against the inhumane treatment of any animals. Look at the expression on the animal in the video. His sadness erupt into sudden joy. A very humane individual, named Christian, decides to release the animal from cruel bondage. The animal leaps with a joyous freedom dance that is easily felt through the screen. The animal rolls around in the hay feeling a new closeness to the earth and life. The animal is taken to a new sanctuary and performs a dance of pure joy, delight, and gratefulness for all to see.

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