What Love Can Do


This heartbreaking video tells the story of an abandoned and injured mongrel found on the street in India. It was thought that he had been thrown, or had fallen into, a water drain. He was unable to stand and had a festering wound near his tail that was infested with maggots. The Animal Aid rescue group was contacted and they sent workers to the dog’s aid. What followed is a truly extraordinary tale of recovery that is just short of miraculous.
The workers carefully wrapped the dog in a blanket to transport him. They gently and thoroughly washed his entire body off. He was examined by a veterinarian and although he was unable to walk, they found no injuries to his legs. He was severely dehydrated, and not surprisingly, undernourished.
Just three days after his emotionally moving rescue, he was able to stand. He was given intravenous fluids and slowly introduced fluids by mouth. Shortly after, he was able to eat solid food again easily. His awful would was cleaned and disinfected and with antibiotic treatment, it began to heal.
Just one month later, he was a new beautiful vibrant dog once again. This is somewhat hard to watch at first, but the transformation of this street cur is truly miraculous. In what began as a heartbreaking story, this clearly shows what love and compassion can do for an animal. What animal rescue groups do for those who cannot speak are beautiful acts of kindness that envelop human hearts.

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