What Parents Can Do to Teach Their Kids a Lesson


What Parents Can Do to Teach Their Kids a Lesson
You cannot deny that fashion matters. Everyone likes to look their best and this starts at a very young age. Being an important area, bullies can exploit it to make others feel small.
A young fashion ‘bully’ named Kayley was pointed out in school for mocking her classmate for her dressing.
Her parents were disappointed in her actions and decided to buy her second hand ugly clothes as punishment. They did not disclose that they were her clothes and let her pick them out. She picked the ugliest clothes from the store as instructed.
The punishment was making their child wear the clothes to school. She was so embarrassed and learnt her lesson. She even apologised to her classmate.
It was a humiliation punishment that not everyone agrees to. There are those who support it, like the parents of Kayley, and those who feel that it makes the child feel defective.
All in all, parents should be able to draw a line between what is wrong or right, and punish their kids to teach them a lesson.

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