When This 106-Pound Dog Headed Towards Grandma, The Unbelievable Happened, See What She Did!


Winston is a Great Pyrenees and a hometown hero to many elderly in the community. Along with his handler he goes to homes that are housing elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. The memory of the patients their might be scattered at times but one thing almost every one of them can connect to is having a dog or a pet at least once in their lives. Winston is taken around from patient to patient and is given lots of petting and kisses along the way. He brings joy to the people he sees and is able to give them a little bit of happiness.

Winston was already given a home once in his life and when his owner passed away he was given back to the breeder from whence he came. Now he has been given his second chance at bringing happiness to those in the community and from the look on his face he doesn’t mind being the hometown hero.

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