Why Every Mom Might Want to Keep Their Baby in a Cardboard Box


What do you think of when you picture a newborn baby sleeping? If you like most people, you probably imagine that precious bundle of joy wrapped up in a cozy blanket, and sleeping snugly in a safe bassinet or crib. But, that’s not so in one European country. In Finland, every newborn baby sleeps in a cardboard box. Well, at least a good majority of them, anyway.
It’s tradition that dates back to 1938, and the boxes come filled with everything a new mom needs to start her new baby’s life off right: gender neutral clothing, diapers, toothbrushes, towels, toys and books. In Finland, however, there are many people who use the box itself as baby’s first bed, and now people are making a connection between the box and the success rate of a baby’s ultimate survival.
According to the United Nations, Finland has had the lowest infant mortality rate since the introduction of the baby gift box. Of course, it is a government run program, so in order to qualify, you must follow certain guidelines – like having to visit a doctor before the fourth month of pregnancy, so that could be a factor. Nevertheless, people are wondering: could it be the box itself?
The boxes are available to both low and high income people, and seem to be making a difference. It’s in every mother’s interest to see her baby grow up safely, so watch the story to learn more. Do you think other countries should follow Finland’s example?

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