why this statue of Christ is found underwater.


The thing that make this statue amazing is not the fact that it is underwater, but because it seems that it was meant to be underwater. But it is not logical for someone to carve the statue and throw it underwater. So what really happened?Steve weir is an underwater photographer and also a writer of the underwater tales. In 2009, one story actually brought them to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, which is the first underwater park in the US located at the Florida Keys. The statue found there never was created there but came far away from across the Antlantics.The story goes that an Italian sculptor named Guido Galleti, did a statue of Jesus, which was later sunk in near Portfino, Italy where a very famous Italian diver had died. This statue received the name of Christ of abs, and is still there as a peaceful memorial and a wonderful art.Coming to the statue in the Florida Keys, it is an imitation that was done using the same mold and donated to the Underworld Society of America in 1965. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, was the ideal place chosen for the statue of Christ of Abs.Steve Weir took the underwater picture in February 2009. he says that for him to take the shot, he had to properly plan things like distance, light, wave action, sediment in the water, current, boats and enormous fish coming by and many more.He said that his first time to see Jesus was so special. Even though he not a Christian, he felt understood the way Christians felt. To him Christ placed in high places, besides roads, is a blessing to humanity, but for the statue at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, it is a blessing to the underworld creatures like the fish and a protector to the reefs.Even though the underwater is an interesting work, over the years pollution has brought negative effects like fish and coral reefs dying.

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