You Won’t Believe the Sweet Way This Beautiful Pooch Wakes Her Human Daddy


When Lexi is ready for her Daddy to wake up, she does not bark at him or wake him abruptly like many dogs would. Her gentle approach to waking him will warm your heart and bring a big smile to your face. As she gently paws his face, you can see the love and respect she has for her owner. When she gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek, he slowly begins to wake.

It is perfectly clear that Lexi adores her Daddy and is ready to go on a walk and enjoy the day. Although she desperately wants to go have fun with him, she is patient and works to wake him in the gentlest way possible. If you are a Dog lover, this is a video you will want to watch again and again. The look of joy on Lexi’s face as she accomplishes her goal is priceless. Share it with others so they can smile today!

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